If you want to take Fantasia…

Fantasia on black

Today is the deadline! We have to place our orders for class kits tomorrow and need the final count.

Fantasia features loads of fans and layered fans, with crescents, Amadeus stitches and a few others to round out the design. It’s 8″ square, canvas cut size 14″ x 14″, so not a huge project.

If you don’t like stitching on black, we also offer the same threads with white canvas. Here’s an approximation of what it would look like on white:

Fantasia on white

I think it still looks quite striking!

All the ordering details are on the home page. I hope you’ll decide to join us!

1 thought on “If you want to take Fantasia…”

  1. First time taking a class with Debby? Are you ready for this, she will blow your mind? The classes are so well prepared that Deb has anticipated your every question, thought, “what if’s”. She goes the extra mile in her charts. Need to watch that stitch again? Go to the stitch/class video and rewatch and rewind to your heart’s content. Want to “grow” in your stitching, she will encourage you do no end in color choice, switching the stitch around, hey even have her blessing in taking a stab at reworking the design. Debby is the most encouraging, “anticipating-your- question/problem” teacher I have ever experienced. Lucky you if it’s your first class with her! It won’t be your last!!

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