Reliving our Ukrainian experience

Traditional Ukrainian greeting

Ukraine has been much on my mind, and I’m sure shared by much of the world. We had the privilege of visiting Ukraine with a group of musicians from Arkansas in 2014, and the people found a place in our hearts.

When we arrived, we were greeted by our Ukrainian hosts in traditional costume, and gifted with bread wrapped in a beautiful embroidered cloth. I was immediately struck by the embroidery we saw literally everywhere, and had opportunity to examine it up close thanks to the kind interpreters.

Before each of our concerts we were hosted by local Christians for dinner, and were greeted this way every time. I spoke to one of our interpreters, explained what I did, and asked to look more closely. As a testament to the generous and open nature of the Ukrainians, I was given the embroidered bread cloth, and although I tried to refuse it was pressed into my hands.

Embroidered bread cloth

Today I placed the bread cloth on my table, as a reminder (not really needed) to pray for the people of Ukraine. These are an independent, democracy loving people who were quick to point out, they were NOT Russian. My heart breaks for them in their struggle to retain their freedom.

To explain the many emotions we experienced while in Ukraine would take a very long time. Suffice it to say, they need our prayers and support, however we can give it. Please join me.

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  1. My heart is breaking for these people. Last week while watching the news in tears I felt so helpless. So I got up and went to my craft room and sorted thru my stash of quilt fabric and found the closest blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag. Sewed the pieces on my machine, then proceeded to raid the garage for an appropriate flag post. It’s been hanging on our Joshua tree since Saturday. We get a lot of walkers passing by our home and I hope when they see it , they remember the people of Ukraine

    1. Thanks Nancy, mine too, more poignant and real since I’ve actually been there. My prayers for them to remain strong in the face of overwhelming force.

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