Let’s have some ice cream!

It’s been almost a month since I updated the blog, and I apologize for that. I hope to make up for it by announcing a new stitch along – to start next Monday. This one will be a mystery, so I’ll reveal it a little at a time. Monday I’ll tell you what threads I’m going to use, and give some guidance on how to choose your own colors so you’ll be ready to stitch with me when I post the first part in a couple of weeks.

Today I want to talk about our August Kit of the Month, since I haven’t done so previously. This month’s design features an ice cream sundae, with two flavors of ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry on top!

A little background on this particular design: I’ve shared before that my dad passed away last October. He loved ice cream, and had ice cream every night before bed. This design is in remembrance of my dad. His 87th birthday would have been in a couple of days, and we almost always celebrated his birthday with a freezer (or two, or three or four) of homemade ice cream. I’m missing him dreadfully, and can’t eat ice cream without thinking about what a wonderful father he was.

Dad always had at least a couple of kinds of ice cream in his freezer, usually quite a bit more, and when we visited we shared ice cream with him. I can’t say that he had a favorite flavor or kind of ice cream; he loved any flavor, any kind, any brand. Of course he had his favorite brand, Blue Bell, since he was a Texan through and through, but when that wasn’t available he’d take others. He knew where every Sonic and Dairy Queen was on his regular routes and trips, and frequently stopped to get a milk shake on his way.

We knew his illness was overwhelming him when he stopped wanting ice cream. This was a signal to all of us that he was nearing the end. We celebrated his life by sharing ice cream together, of course.

So that’s the background for this design. We created the cherry for the top in house, and I love the look of the whipped cream on top, really easy to do with Frosty Rays.

The kit has all the threads, line drawn canvas, needles and embellishment to stitch the project. You’ll need two pairs of 8″ stretcher bars and a laying tool.

And, if you want to finish it the way I did, we also have the finishing kits available:

All the ordering info is in the online shop. I hope you’ll share some ice cream with me this month in honor of my fabulous father!

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