Let’s talk about our Display Stands

Winter Star with Display Stand

Last year so many of you asked about how I was displaying my Kits of the Month, that we decided to try something new this year and create a display stand!

These are designed and 3-D printed by Rod (Mr. Debbie), and we are learning lots about 3-D printing, designing and creating in the process.

The display stands can be used for other projects if you like. We’re always looking for ways to show off our stitching, without framing and taking up wall space, and this little stand is perfect for that.

The stand is about 6″ tall by 6″ deep by 6″ wide. It sits on a table, bookshelf, or wherever you can find a flat surface.

I like that the display stand is easy to assemble, and easy to disassemble to store flat.

Disassembled Display Stand

You can use it for just about any small that has a way to hang it. I love the decoration on this month’s stand! It goes great with the Winter Star design, and the printed starburst fabric.

We are planning to create a display stand for each of this year’s Kits of the Month, designed especially to go with the design. We hope you’ll like them!

The Display Stand is $12.50, and can ship with the Kit of the Month and Finishing Kit for no additional shipping charge. These are pretty sturdy so we hope they’ll stand up to shipping! If you’ve signed up for the subscription service, you can add the display stand to the items you want to receive, or order them separately if you’d rather.

Questions? Let us know! This was a true collaboration to get it to look like what we wanted, and we’re rather proud of it!

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  1. I love DebBee’s Designs. I have purchased several patterns over the years. Always happy with the finished project.

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