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Complex counted canvas stitches can seem daunting. They really aren’t, just one stitch at a time like all other stitches, but to look at the finished stitch, or the steps of the stitch – well, it’s intimidating.

For our Kit of the Month this year I’ll be focusing on one large complex motif stitch, a border stitch and a background stitch, and I’m making videos of each step, available for free on our YouTube channel.

I show step by step how to make each stitch, including the borders and back ground stitch, how to anchor the thread for starting and stopping, and how the stitches connect to each other. It’s like a mini-class!

I’ll be doing this for each Kit of the Month this year, to show exactly how it’s done, so you can learn some new stitches, and possibly some good technique along the way.

Visit our YouTube channel, DebBee’s Designs YouTube, to see everything for January’s Winter Star. I’ll be adding to the channel every month, so subscribe if you haven’t already (it’s free) to receive notifications.

Whether you choose to stitch Winter Star or not, I hope you enjoy the videos!

2 thoughts on “Have you seen our YouTube channel?”

  1. I have watched pretty much all of Debbie’s videos.
    They are excellent tutorials. Thank you Debbie.

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