My favorite laying tool is a trolley needle!

Decades ago I went to a stitching festival where someone was demonstrating a trolley needle like this one. I was promptly hooked! At that time I was just barely getting into counted canvas work, mostly cross stitching, and had never heard of laying tools, didn’t know what they were used for, didn’t know I needed one, and just generally had no idea. I didn’t realize how much I needed one!

I bought several of the trolley needles over the years, until the company went out of business, and the patent expired (important to note, because I don’t anyone to think I’m infringing a trademarked item).

When they were no longer available I was in despair. How was I going to stitch without it? I’d used this kind of trolley needle for so long that it was like an extension of my finger. Holding a regular laying tool didn’t work for me due to hand fatigue and cramping.

I discovered that I could get the tailor’s thimble (with an open top to accommodate my fingernail) and the bent needles, and just needed to figure out a way to put them together. My husband is adept with a soldering iron, and voila! I had my beloved trolley needles again.

Whenever I used my trolley needle while teaching, people always ask where I got it and could they get one. And now you can! We are producing these trolley needles in several sizes – 5, 6, 7 and 8. And they are available for sale in our store!

To figure out what size you need, go to a store that sells sewing notions (like JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby or Michael’s) and try on thimbles. Most thimbles are packaged so you can try them for size without buying. When you know what size you want, place your order and we’ll send it out in a sturdy package.

You can wear it on any finger. I prefer on my index finger of my non-dominant hand, but other fingers will work as well.

We’re so pleased to be able to offer these. And no, I’ve never poked myself in the eye!

3 thoughts on “My favorite laying tool is a trolley needle!”

  1. I, too, use and love a trolley needle. However, I use mine more unconventionally. Mine goes upside down of the thumb of my left hand. It works for me and is very comfortable and find I can hold my stitch in place better while I am getting ready to make the next stitch.

  2. Thank you so so much for these! Pretty sure I got mine from the same gentleman you did, and I have been looking for a replacement for many years. I’ve had mine re-soldered back together but its getting worn to the point of close to the end of its work life. I just got my order from you today and I am so pleased! I use mine in cross stitching and it is an essential tool.

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