Regal Autumn – now for my favorite stitch!

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Are you surprised? If you’ve stitched any of the previous stitch alongs, you already know that waffle stitches are my favorite. So how could I possibly not have them in this project?

Regal Autumn – waffle stitches

One thing I really like about waffle stitches is the look when stitched with an overdyed thread. They are so colorful, so interesting, that they really grab some attention.

Here’s a close up so you can see the detail – isn’t that awesome? And can you see why I like this stitch so much?

These waffles are really big, over 18 canvas threads square, but they stitch up pretty quickly.

I don’t know if you’re stitching along in the colors I’m using, or have chosen your own, but I hope you have an overdyed in your palette so you can have beautiful waffles too.

Here’s the diagram for all four of these waffle stitches. Notice that the last stitch, stitch 67, slides under the first stitch of the last round, stitch 61, before ending. This puts a thread on top of every thread all the way around, and gives the waffle a more finished look.

Here’s where the waffle stitches are placed in the project.

Just three weeks to go and this project will be finished!

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