Olympic stitching

I almost always have the television on while I’m stitching. I know some people listen to audio books or music, but for me it’s the tv. And what a glorious time to be stitching! The Winter Olympics are on!

Now, some events I really can’t stitch to, like the aerial ski competitions (seriously, how high up in the air are they!), or figure skating. But most everything else, especially curling or hockey, no problem!

When something momentous occurs they replay it, so I don’t miss anything. That’s probably why I like stitching to baseball, Formula 1 racing and other sports.

So my tv is on to the Olympics, I’m watching cross country skiing and trying to get a little work done. In the evening, when I do most of my stitching, we’ve got whatever event is being broadcast on and I stitch away.

When the Olympics are over, I’ll go back to what I usually like to stitch to, shows or movies I’ve seen several times. They keep me company like an old friend. I still laugh at the jokes and lines I’ve heard several times already, and I don’t have to focus all my attention on what’s happening on the screen.

My other favorite to stitch to is podcasts. I really enjoy stitching along to FiberTalk, but I have a couple of others that I like.

So back to the needle – just thought I’d share!

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