Regal Autumn – final step!

Click here for Regal Autumn Part H Instructions

Regal Autumn Completed

Are you ready to finish up? I’ve had fun with this project, but in looking at the completed project I think I would have made one change. Instead of the lighter green for the pavilion diamonds, in retrospect I should have used a darker green for that area. I’m not taking it out. But that light green doesn’t really go with the rest of the threads. If I were to stitch it again, I’d change that. I’ll leave it, and it will be reminder to me about color choice!

This stitch may be unusual for some of you who are stitching along. This is a reverse herringbone square, and it has a slightly raised appearance, like a pyramid.

And, I did something I usually never do – I introduced a different thread for the last corners. But it was such a perfect color and texture, that I couldn’t resist using it!

This is Glisten, a Rainbow Gallery thread that is a braided wool and metallic. The color is Tandori Spice (G56), and I just loved it when I saw it.

The diagrams will walk you through exactly how to do this uncommon stitch. It’s not hard, and works up very quickly.

Begin the reverse herringbone square with long stitches as shown. The last stitch slides under the first stitch before ending.

After this step, the rest is easy – just continue making long stitches, filling up the area, and sliding the last stitch of each round under the first stitch of each round.

I hope you enjoyed stitching Regal Autumn! I’m preparing the next stitch along, but I may not begin it until after the holidays. I’ll keep you posted!

If you’d like all of the instructions in one spot, here you go!

Click here for completed Regal Autumn Instructions

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