Almost finished with Regal Autumn!

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Regal Autumn Rice Stitches

After the layered stitch last week, this one is pretty straightforward. But come to think of it, this could be a layered stitch as well, if you choose to make it so!

Rice stitches are lovely stitches that can be upright rice stitches, cross stitches as here, large, small and in between. The nature of rice stitches allows you to experiment with layers, using one thread for the base cross stitch and different threads for the tying stitches. Here I’ve used the same thread for all of it, in a lovely rich forest green. I like the shine of the rayon twist that doesn’t add glitz, but does add texture.

These don’t take very long to stitch and are not complicated, perfect for stitching while watching the game!

Here are the diagrams for this week:

This is the basic rice stitch. If you decide to use different threads, you could use one thread for the 1 and 3 stitches, a different thread for the tying stitches, or three different threads for the tying stitches.

We’ll finish up next week!

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