This year I was honored to be asked to create a design for the San Bernadino California chapter of ANG (American Needlepoint Guild). Each year a designer is asked to design a project in memory of Nina Goerres, an important member of the chapter who left a lasting legacy after her passing.

The Nina design (as it’s known) is used to raise funds for the chapter, and to encourage membership in the chapter. Each member of the chapter gets the design as a gift. If you would like to have the design without becoming a member, I’ll include links for you.

Here’s a brief description of the history of the design:

“The Nina Goerres fund was established ten years ago to honor Nina for her work and devotion to needlework. Nina was a member of many EGA and ANG chapters around the country. Her home chapters were Inland Empire EGA and San Bernardino Chapter ANG. She held numerous offices with both chapters. She attended many workshops and seminars during her lifetime and became acquainted with many designers and fellow stitchers around the country. Nina bequeathed a sum of money to SBC and it was decided to use this gift to commission designers to create an exclusive design each year for SBC members. We know Nina would be quite pleased with the ten designs commissioned so far and would love that so many have benefitted from her gift to our chapter. She was a dear friend to me and I have been honored to coordinate this program. Since we own the designs we have been able to keep the fund going from the original money she left us and the selling of the past designs. She was a big part of reviving our chapter many years ago when our membership was getting so low we might have folded. The Nina Goerres Design each year has helped grow our membership to over 200, and she would have been so pleased to see what her donation has done.” Diane Ackley, member of SBCANG and coordinator of the Nina designs

I was so pleased to be asked to create this design, and I based it on a quilt block design since I’m currently obsessed! I added some crystals that I had on hand, and beads for a little added sparkle and texture. This was so much fun to create and stitch!

Then, I asked Vonna Pfeiffer, the Twisted Stitcher, to finish the project for me. I was so tickled when I got it back – it’s perfect!

I hope you like the project as much as I do! Here’s how to get it:

Click here for how to join SBCANG

The chart is only available to members of the chapter this year, but will be available for purchase after this year.

SBCANG Home Page

The chapter had a Zoom meeting to discuss the design, and Diane Ackley went over the instructions. You can see the pictures here:

Click here for pictures from the Zoom meeting

Thank you so much SBCANG, for asking me to be a part of this special program!

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