Spring Quilt Block – giant scotch with cashmere

I promised I’d be quicker with the next step! This part is similar to the previous giant reverse scotch stitch, but this time the scotch stitches are not reversed and I added blocks of cashmere stitch.

Click here for Spring Quilt Block C instructions

But before we go on, I made a mistake on the kind of thread used for the giant reversed scotch stitches and I want to call your attention to it. The kind of thread I used was Gumnuts Poppies, a silk/wool blend, not the stranded floss in the table. I’ll correct the instructions in the previous post as well, just wanted to make sure you were aware of it.

For today’s section, I stitched the giant scotch stitches first using Gumnuts Poppies in Medium Lemon Crush, #706. Isn’t that a bright sunny color? I love it next to the purple, reminds me even more of irises and pansies.

Giant scotch blocks

Notice that these blocks of giant scotch stitch are not reversed, but are all slanted the same way.

Next I used Gumnuts Buds, a silk pearl, in the same color, 706 Medium Lemon Crush, to stitch the cashmere blocks between the giant scotch stitches. These blocks are all slanted the same way, but opposite of the giant scotch.

Giant scotch with cashmere

I’m really pleased with the way this is turning out!

Here are the diagrams for today.

Giant scotch blocks
Cashmere block
Giant scotch with cashmere blocks

We’re making great progress! Hope you’re having as much fun as I am!

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