Spring Quilt Block – first border stitch

The rest of the project is comprised of border stitches surrounding the interior blocks. The first border is a rice stitch.

Click here for Spring Quilt Block D instructions

I stitched this border with Gumnuts Buds, a silk pearl, in 386 Medium Cornflower. This is the same color as the first block, but a different weight of thread. For those of you who are ordering supplies and want exactly what I used, you would probably be fine using the same thread for both of these, either the stranded silk floss used in the first interior block, or the silk pearl used in the rice stitch today, if you want to reduce costs a bit. If you like the different textures, as I do, you may decide to use both weights of threads.

Rice stitches

These rice stitches posed a bit of a challenge. If you look closely at the first block in the upper left, you can see my thread carries through the canvas. I was not happy with this, and decided to change the stitch order and direction. I explain all of this in the instructions (see the above “click here”).

But here are the diagrams as I used them.

How I stitched down the right side

Basic rice
How I stitched across the top
How I stitched across the bottom
How I stitched up the left side

Finally, if you’re using different threads and want to use a metallic or contrasting color, here’s a suggestion:

Accenting with metallic
Accenting with metallic

Rice stitches around the interior blocks

And here’s the whole diagram.

We’re almost to the end, just a couple of stitches to go!

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