Spring Quilt Block – on the home stretch

We’re almost finished with the Spring Quilt Block stitch along. Today we’ll look at the second interior border, a variation on a bound cross.

Click here for Spring Quilt Block E instructions as a pdf

This border is variation on bound cross. I call it a variation because it’s over 6 canvas threads instead of 4, and the block is somewhat expanded to fit the space.

Bound cross variation border

I really like how the subtle shade variations in the Gumnut Buds shows to good advantage here. A solid color will also work. I used the Buds in color 545 Medium Forest Grove.

I stitched all of the blocks as shown in the diagram, with the same stitches on the bottom for the whole border.

Bound cross variation stitch

If you’re more comfortable stitching with the top stitches on the bottom you can stitch it like this.

Bound cross variation alternate method

Whichever way you choose to stitch it, be consistent, with the same stitches on the bottom, unless you choose to alternate the blocks:

Bound cross variation alternating directions

That would look ok too, just so long as it’s intentional and not accidental!

Here’s the entire border around the rest of the design.

Bound cross variation border

Just one more stitch to go, then we can start thinking about finishing!

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