Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

We are completely blown away by your response to our request for reviews! Overwhelmed, humbled and deeply appreciative, I cannot adequately express my thanks!

Some of you have asked how to leave a review, since it isn’t exactly intuitive. So here are general instructions:

Click on the Store tab.

When the Store opens, you’ll see a search function on the left (at least on a computer, not sure about phone or tablet).

Enter the name of the product you want to review. If you can’t remember the name, you can scroll through the Store until you find the product.

Click on the product.

When it opens, you’ll see a picture of the product. Under the picture, you’ll see “Descriptions” and “Reviews”.

Click on Reviews.

You can then read the previous comments (if there are any), and a place on the right where you can leave your own comments and stars.

I hope this helps. So many of you have already responded, and we thank you so much. Reviews are important for stitchers who are not familiar with DebBee’s Designs, or new stitchers. We’ve had feedback that potential purchasers were unsure about our designs, because they don’t know us, and without reviews, they hesitate to follow through.

This will help us tremendously reach out to new stitchers, and hopefully build our audience. So thank you for taking the time and effort to review. I was blushing to read what some of you wrote! Truly deeply grateful!

And, if you have not had a good experience, we need to know about that too, so we can improve, and hopefully fix any issues that you have.

Thanks again!

1 thought on “Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!”

  1. Cindy Van Buren

    Hi Debbie, Best block I have seen in some time. Love the purple pinwheel with green background, especially since I am a fan of stars (NASA retired) and am a Scot. I have to purchase this pattern, but have not been able to find how to get it on your website. Please help me so that I can start to stitch it now and frame it soon. Great design!!
    Respectfully, Cindy Van Buren

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