2021 in the Rearview Mirror

I decided to look back to see what I accomplished this year, and I was somewhat surprised! I see posts all the time about stitching projects completed and achievements for the year, so this is mine.

January Kit of the Month 2021 Welcome Winter

This year we introduced our Kits of the Month, and y’all liked them! We had great fun putting these together, with all kinds of different threads, techniques and stitches. Rod (Mr. Debbie) added some embellishments from his 3-D printer to make some of them really special. Then we introduced finishing kits, and y’all really liked those too!

In a couple of days we’ll add inventory levels to the kits that are still available, along with available finishing kits, so if you missed out you can still get the kits until we run out. We will not be reordering supplies for 2021’s kits, because we’re getting ready to introduce new projects for 2022! More on that as soon as we’re ready!

We got back to in-person teaching with the EGA National Seminar.

ANG had a virtual seminar, and I also taught for Great Lakes Regions virtual seminar. Hopefully we’ll be back to more in-person classes for 2022. I’m scheduled to teach for ANG in Tucson, AZ, and EGA in New York, New York on Broadway!

Speaking of virtual classes, I had the privilege of teaching 5 classes through Shining Needle Society. We’ll have more in 2022, but nothing to announce at this time.

I was asked to present a lecture at EGA National Seminar Winning Ways series, and chose to speak on choosing colors for counted canvas projects, since that seems to be my only area of expertise. My lecture was well-received, and I present it again for Metropolitan Region and Skyllkill Chapter virtually. I’ve got it scheduled again in 2022.

Then I submitted a project for Needlepoint Now, Spring 9 Patch. Lots of good feedback for that one! I hope to do some projects for publications next year.

Each year I try to create an ornament design to thank my loyal supporters, and this year we did Silvered Evergreens. I’m already working on next year’s – when an idea strikes you have to follow up on it quickly!

Silvered Evergreens

You joined me for almost 2 stitch alongs as well. I don’t know yet if I’ll do a stitch along for 2022; I’m keeping my options open. So far my calendar is looking pretty full!

On Point Wallet design

So thank you to all who contributed to my schedule and successful year! I can’t do it without you! We’ve been laying out plans for 2022, and all I can say is I’m going to be super busy! Mr. Debbie (Rod) is retired, and able to help with quite a few of these plans, so I’m hoping to be even more productive next year.

Thank you all so much – I hope the new year brings you blessings, hope, a little fun, health, and lots of stitching!

4 thoughts on “2021 in the Rearview Mirror”

  1. Thanks somuch. I have stitched many of your counted canvas designs that fit in the 8×8 purchased tray. I loved your Kit of the Month and have several waiting to be stitched. Your directions are easy to follow and your stitches are presented very clearly.
    Thanks for you lovely work – I look forward to more in the future.

  2. I have had the pleasure of taking two of you classes. I enjoy your classes so much! All of your work creating documentation, charts and videos make the classes a pleasure. Being able to go back and review videos on technique makes a big difference in finishing the project with excellent results. I look forward to taking more in the future. You are a treasure! Thank you, Bobbye Stout

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