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Hippity Hoppity

No this isn’t a new picture – but we need a picture so I thought something spring-y would be nice.

Anyway, we’ve made a few changes to the website and wanted you to know about them.

SEARCH FEATURE – we’ve added a search feature to the site. We didn’t have one previously, but as we add more blog posts, designs, etc. we thought it would be handy. We’ve also added some categories and have organized past blog posts so you can easily find what what you’re looking for. You’ll find the categories along the right hand side of the blog pages.

FREE CHARTS PAGE – you’ve asked and we listened – we’ve collected all of the stitch alongs together so you can find them more easily. At the bottom of every page, in the Footer, you’ll see Free Charts listed under Get Started. Click on Free Charts and you’ll be taken to a page with pictures of the completed projects, a description of the project, and a link to click on to get the pdf instructions for each project. As we complete more projects we’ll add to this page.

That’s all for now. We’re working on a way use your credit card for processing orders rather than PayPal but don’t have everything ironed out yet. But we are working on it, and hope to have that ready shortly.

That’s it for now – let me know if you have any questions about these additions to the website – hope you enjoy them!

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