The next step – diagonal scotch stitches

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On Point Wallet diagonal scotch stitches

We’re still working along the bottom edge, and this week it’s diagonal scotch stitches. I stitched them with two colors, but you can stitch them with one if you prefer.

First I stitched with the main color. I selected a lighter color to serve as a contrast to the surrounding areas.

I stitched this in back and forth horizontal rows, reflected in the numbering on the diagrams.

I stitched all of this part first, then stitched the next part.

I chose a darker color to provide some contrast in the diagonal scotch. If you’re using metallics, this might be a good place to use them.

Placement for this should be pretty easy, since you’re filling in the spaces left by the first stitches.

Placement for the diagonal scotch stitches

That’s it for this week – more next week!

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