A touch of color in our stitch along

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On Point Wallet Rhodes diamonds

We are moving along in our stitch along. I know sometimes it seems like progress is slow, but the end is in sight!

Today’s stitch is a motif of Rhodes diamonds. I chose the turquoise color for these to provide a little punch of color in this part of the design.

When I stitch Rhodes stitches, whatever the shape, I always prefer to stitch them so that the final stitch is a true vertical, true horizontal or true diagonal stitch. I think it refines the look of the Rhodes stitches to stitch like this, but it can be a little more difficult to figure out who to stitch. Luckily for you, I’ve worked that out!

You’ll see that the first stitch, the starting stitch, is just offset from the point of the diamond.

When you stitch around, the final stitch will be the true vertical stitch.

Put four of the Rhodes stitches together to make a diamond shaped motif. It doesn’t matter which one of the Rhodes diamonds you stitch first. But, I stitched the top one first, then the one on the left, the one at the bottom and the one on the right.

The Rhodes diamonds motif goes just under the Bargello stitches.

This part of the project didn’t take me too long to stitch, so if you’re a little behind you can easily catch up!

Next week we’ll stitch a bit more.

2 thoughts on “A touch of color in our stitch along”

  1. Cindy Van Buren

    Love these stitches and colors are wonderful! Wish this could be a part of a larger project??? Or at least part 1 or a continuing piece. Let’s think about it- suggestions and recommendations highly desired!
    Cindy Van Buren

    1. Cindy, excellent suggestion. This project is designed to fit a specific space and with specific requirements as to stitch length to prevent snagging, but there’s no reason why I couldn’t use the same colors for the next stitch along project which will probably be larger. I’ll certainly keep it in mind!

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