March Kit of the Month – Lucky Day!

March Kit of the Month 2021 – Lucky Day

March 17 is a lucky day in our family – it’s the day our delightful Emily was born! We consider ourselves lucky to have her, and I thought for March I would let you all in our great good luck!

Do you remember looking for 4-leaf clovers when you were a kid? There was something magical about sweeping your hand through the clover and finding that special one, then wishing on it for good luck. I remember laying in the grass, the smells, the warm air, nothing much to do but just be a kid and devote a little time to searching for a symbol of good luck. Was the luck in finding a 4-leaf clover, or was the luck in just having some time with nothing pressing, no deadlines, just an opportunity to disengage for awhile?

So for March, I decided to capture that family luck with a childhood memory, and created a 4-leaf clover. My 4-leaf clover is four couched patterns, then outlined with stem stitch. My 4-leaf clover is surrounded by other “clovers” – round Rhodes – and the whole thing is framed by a composite cross stitch border.

I stitched my 4-leaf clover with ThreadworX overdyed threads: two cotton flosses (011611 Tropical and 1160 Irish Eyes), a #8 pearl cotton (811611 Tropical), and a #8 fine metallic braid (71049 Parrot Bay). The kit contains full skeins of all of these threads, plenty to stitch your own 4-leaf clover for luck!

The canvas is a line-drawn 8″ x 8″ square of white mono deluxe 18 ct. canvas, with taped edges. And, the kit also includes 2 size 22 tapestry needles – everything needed to stitch except 8″ stretcher bars and tacks.

In the instructions I’ve included suggestion for finishing as shown, along with complete diagrams and directions for stitching. I finished my 4-leaf clover the same way I finished Welcome Winter and Mended Heart, to display on the same painted easel.

Speaking of Welcome Winter and Mended Heart, both of these kits are still available:

Lucky Day is available to order now. We will not process payment until we are ready to ship; we’re expecting threads shortly and will get kits shipped as soon as they arrive.

2 thoughts on “March Kit of the Month – Lucky Day!”

  1. I would like to order the March kit please. Sure wish I could find that material you finished it with. That’s perfect! Looks amazing.

    1. Thanks so much! To order the March kit, just go to our online shop and place your order. We’ll ship as soon as we have the threads in house. As to the fabric for finishing, I got it at Joann’s, so you may be able to find it if you have a Joann’s near you. I haven’t looked to see if the fabric is available on line.


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