A new stitch to consider

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On Point Wallet Tied Sheaf Stitches

The next part is a diagonal row of tied sheaf stitches. Well, they aren’t actually tied sheaf stitches but a modification of tied sheaf stitches.

Traditional tied sheaf stitches are stitched with a number of straight lines, then a stitch that gathers them in the middle. This is a modification of that. The stitches are slanted, then a small stitch is taken over the middle.

This is the diagram of the “tied” sheaf stitch. The stitches share holes with the Bargello and diagonal scotch stitches, and continue down the length of the design so far.

After stitching the first one, the rest of them should be easy to stitch. The stitches share holes together, connecting them in a continuous line.

At the bottom edge the stitches are compensated to complete the look of the area.

We are approaching the end of the project – we have about 5 more areas to go. I’m already starting to think of the next stitch along!

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