Another narrow border!

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Diagonal Knitting band

I love these narrow bands. They add some visual interest without being overpowering. And I especially love the contrasting color!

This band is stitched in two steps. For the first step, stitch all the way down as shown. This band goes from the very top edge down to the very bottom edge.

Then stitch the other half of the band coming back up. As I was stitching it, I enjoyed the rhythm of it, and stitched it quite quickly. But as I was writing the diagrams and instructions, I realized that the second half could be stitched first going down the band, then what is indicated as the first half could be stitch coming back up. You may find it easier to count closest to the crow’s foot band, or not – but you have options as you consider this stitch.

Here’s where the whole thing is placed:

This may be the last narrow band, but maybe not! More next week!

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