Answering questions about our new classes!

Mostly Jessicas grayscale

Hopefully you’ve seen the announcements about our new class offerings, Mostly Jessicas and Mostly Walnetos. I’ve been getting some questions, so I’ll answer some of the most common questions you may have.

  • Are the classes being taught together? No! The classes will begin around the same time, and end around the same time, but the classes are separate. We will have the Zoom sessions for one on Tuesdays, and the other on Thursdays. Sign up for one or both. Each class will have a dedicated classroom.
  • If I take both do I need two kits? The answer to that is “it depends”. If this is your first time taking a “Mostly” class, you will need both kits. The threads are very similar in both kits, but there isn’t enough to stitch two projects. If you’ve taken the other “Mostly” projects (Mostly Amadeus, Mostly Crescents and Fandango), and have thread left over, you may have enough with the left over threads and the threads in one kit to stitch both projects.
  • If I want both classes but not two kits, will that work? Yes! Some repeating students are buying one kit for one class, and chart with canvas for the other class. The threads in these projects are relatively easily sourced (DMC Pearl Cotton and Floss, and Kreinik #8 Braid) so if there’s a shortage of one or two threads you should be able to get them.
  • When will the classes start? We’re aiming for mid-January. This depends on whether our vendors get threads to us in a timely fashion, so we can mail out the kits, hopefully around Christmas or the week between Christmas and New Year’s. If there’s a delay we’ll let you know.

If you have additional questions just ask! Both of these projects will give you a thorough knowledge and understanding of Jessicas and walnetos.

Both classes will have weekly Zoom sessions (recorded if you can’t join in ), video stitch demonstrations, printed instruction book, and dedicated classroom for sharing files. The classes are separate and will be conducted separately, so take one, the other or both.

What’s great about online classes is you get to stitch at your own pace! Whether you can stitch along with the class, or have to postpone your stitching until other more pressing projects are completed, the resources are available to you when you’re ready.

I hope you’ll join in! Our classes are always so much fun!

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