Finishing the bottom edge – Harlequin Dance Redux

Click here for Harlequin Dance Redux Areas H, I and J instructions

The areas for today’s post are for the most part repeats of previous areas, but stitched with different colors.

Viewed side by side it’s easy to see some of the differences.

Area H is pavilion diamonds again, stitched with the same two colors of Mandarin Floss, but the order is reversed – what was purple before is now orange, and what was orange is purple.

Area I is a row of half-eyelets, then alternating rows of diamond Rhodes and eyelets. I used the same textures of threads, Panache and Glisten, but chose orange instead of fuchsia.

Area J is also hungarian stitches, with the same two colors of Mandarin floss, but what was orange is now fuchsia and what was fuchsia is now orange.

This finishes the entire bottom edge of Harlequin Dance Redux. Just a little bit more to go and this project will be complete.

I did not repeat the line numbers and arrows for these diagrams, but you can refer back to the diagrams for Areas E, F and G if you need help.

This is the placement diagram showing all of the elements so far. Next week we’ll head back up to the top and work some more from the right side toward the center. And let me just hint that I love the stitches I’m doing next!

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