First stitches – Labyrinth

My, that title sounds ominous! But it isn’t really – labyrinth is a quilt block pattern, and easily adaptable to counted canvas work. So let’s get started!

Click here for Labyrinth Section 1 Instructions in pdf format

I debated whether or not to show how the finished first section looks, because it took me a while to get there and I’m going to share my journey and decision making with you. Kind of spoils the surprise! But we’re visual and need pictures, so here’s where we’re going with our first stitches for Labyrinth.

The stitch is a relatively simple one, a satin lozenge, divided by some short stitches. I used 4 strands of S906 Medium Pistachio Green, and anchored with a loop start (described fully in the instructions). The space is what was giving me pause. More about that in a minute.

Here’s the entire first band.

There are four of these bands cartwheeling around the center of the canvas.

This is what one of the bands looks like stitched with the stranded silk.

Now for the dilemma – what to use for the spaces in the satin lozenge? First I filled it with Kreinik #8 9194 Star Green, a single strand. But I wasn’t sure I liked that.

Next I filled the spaces with the lighter shade, S905 Lite Pistachio Green, 4 strands, but decided I wanted some sparkle so I took it out.

This is the two options together – which do you prefer?

I decided on using the Kreinik #8 9194, but added a strand. I like this quite well! It adds some sparkle, but the lighter shade of the metallic doesn’t get lost against the canvas.

I didn’t take out what I had previously stitched with the metallic, just stitched another strand on top of it. It’s always easier to add width than take it out!

And this is the finished diagram, so far, showing the satin lozenge stitches with the spaces filled with the shorter stitches.

So far so good! You have other options to consider for the short stitches – a darker shade of floss, the same floss you’ve been stitching with, the somewhat matching metallic, a higher contrast metallic, or even the neutral floss. You get to decide!

More next week; let me know if you have any questions!

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