Let’s add some sprat’s heads to Labyrinth

Click here for Labyrinth Section 2 instructions in pdf format

I’m loving the colors together, even though we only have two so far. Well, since I only picked out 4 colors I guess I’ve used half of them!

This week I’m relying on one of my favorite stitches, sprat’s heads, but I’m stitching them a little bit differently than in previous designs.

This time, instead of the first two stitches ending in the same shared hole, the stitches cross each other. This makes the finished sprat’s head look more square and flat, rather than the first two stitches being pulled in and making a slightly askew triangle.

And, I crossed all of the stitches to make a more solid colored block.

I used two strands of the darkest floss color, and anchored with a loop start. To end off the stitches I used an “L” stitch, placed under the stitches of the sprat’s head. This makes a neat ending to the stitches, and is not hard to do. Gently move the stitches aside until you can see blank canvas, make the stitch, snip it off close to the canvas (either from the front or the back), then move the stitches of the sprat’s head back in place.

The diagram shows the “L” stitch. This is a form of pin stitch, and makes a nice flat, almost invisible way to end off a thread length.

This is where to place the first sprat’s head. Count carefully – I confess that I didn’t pay careful attention and had to rip a bit. The first two stitches cover 8 canvas threads each. If you get them in the right spot you should be ok with the rest of the stitches.

It makes a very pretty stitch!

Here’s the rest of the first row or band. Enlarge the diagram on your screen so you can see the numbers and arrows better.

And here’s the completed sprat’s heads areas.

It didn’t take very long to stitch these rows, so long as I counted carefully and got them in the right spot!

We’ll tackle something a little more challenging next week – see you then!

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