Happy New Year! Let’s stitch something new!

Welcome Winter

I’m starting something new for 2021, Kit of the Month! The first one is ready to order, Welcome Winter.

Welcome Winter features a rounded snowman, arms flung wide to welcome the falling snow. He sits in a snowbank with his brightly colored scarf fluttering behind him. The design is small, about 4″ x 4″ on 18 ct. Antique Blue mono canvas.

This is available only as a kit. The kit includes 8″ x 8″ 18 ct. Antique Blue mono canvas, edges taped; full skeins of 3 Presencia flosses; full cards of 4 Rainbow Gallery threads; Size 22 needles, 2 Tapestry and 1 Chenille; 3 different sizes of Jet Swarovski flat back crystals, a carrot nose button and 2 arms, felt circles, and complete instructions in a booklet. The kit cost is $32.50, plus $7.50 for Priority Mail postage. The kit does not include stretcher bars; you’ll need 2 pairs of 8″ bars, and all of the 2021 kits will fit on those bars.

I’ll release a new kit on the first of each month. You don’t have to buy all 12, but of course I hope you like all of them! And, you don’t have to buy them just in the month of release; the kits will be available all year long, when you’re ready for them. All of the projects will be about the same size, 4″ x 4″ when stitched, and all will include everything needed for stitching (except stretcher bars, scissors and laying tool).

We’re really excited to start this, and hope you like our little snowman. He’s stitched over felt circles to add some padding. The canvas is line drawn to help with some of the counting, with heat erasable pen so if you have some lines left over they’re easily removed.

Here’s a side view of our little snowman so you can see some of the texture.

We’re creating the carrot nose and snowman arms in house. Future kits may include exclusive embellishments as well (I don’t want to be too tied down when creating), but all will offer something different to stitch.

And, this is a quick finish since it’s so small! I finished mine as a little ornament, and have a little easel to display all of my projects on every month. By the way, I share how I finished mine in the instructions. A few snowflake stickers and I have a cute little project to sit with my other table arrangements.

Welcome Winter is available to order now in the on-line store. Click here for ordering information We will process your payment when we have everything ready to ship (probably by the end of next week), so you can go ahead and order if you’re charmed by our little snowman.

I hope you enjoy our Kit of the Month 2021, and wishing you and yours a much better, healthier and happier New Year!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Let’s stitch something new!”

  1. Ordered my kit! He is so very cute. Love that he is all kitted up for those of us hours from a needlepoint shop. Already looking forward to the next one . . .

    1. No problem, just taking awhile to get supplies in. We’re waiting for the last of the supplies to come in, hopefully in the next couple of days, and we’ll ship promptly as soon as we can. We won’t process the payment until we are ready to ship. Thanks!

  2. Got my Welcome Winter Kit in the mail today. SO EXCITED! It looks wonderful. Can’t wait to get future kits. – CK

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