Harlequin Dance Redux – finishing up!

Click here for Area O instructions

Can you believe it’s finished! The final area is the upper left corner, which I filled with laid threads then stitched over with cross stitches.

First the laid threads. These are just laid horizontally then vertically, nothing fancy. I used one strand of the Rainbow Gallery Overture because I wanted the color changes, but something a little different from the lower right area with the laid ribbons.

Then I stitched cross stitches over the intersections with the fine metallic braid. Easy peasy!

If you want, you can use different colors of the fine metallic braid, but I was happy using just one. I completed each cross stitch before moving to the next one.

And now for the diagrams:

Here’s the final complete diagram:

I hope you enjoyed our stitch along! Next week (fingers crossed) I’ll show you how I’m planning to finish this, then I’m taking a little break from posting stitch alongs for a couple of weeks. I’m backed up with some other things I must get done. Then I’ll be back with another stitch along, this time a mystery!

For your convenience, here’s a pdf of the complete instructions:

Harlequin Dance Redux Complete Instructions

Thanks for playing with me!

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