Join me for a stitch along!

Last year I was honored to be the Designer Across America by EGA (Embroiderer’s Guild of America), and part of the honor included a design, which was sold by EGA for a couple of months. The design has reverted to me, and I thought it would be fun to stitch it together!

Revelry Reflections features several stitches with their reverse – waffle and reverse waffle, tear drop and reverse teardrop, and so on. I chose threads in colors I was feeling at the time, but will choose new threads for the stitch along.

The design is smallish, about 6″ square, and will fit in a box top if you want. Or it would also be fun as a stand up, and I’ll probably do that when I’ve finished stitching. I don’t think it would function well as a pillow because some of the stitches have longish loose threads, that may distort with handling.

I stitched on 12″ x 12″ white canvas. Not much of the canvas will show through, and I’ll let you know when I’ve selected my new threads and canvas!

For the original as shown I used the following threads:

  • Access Commodities Trebizond 695 Persian Blue (this is equivalent in weight to a #8 pearl cotton)
  • Rainbow Gallery Elegance E891 Smoke Gray and E1044 Deep Aqua (again about a #8 pearl cotton)
  • Rainbow Gallery FyreWerks FT63 Vintage Silver (a metalized ribbon)
  • Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays N64 Aqua (a rayon ribbon)
  • Rainbow Gallery Silk Lame’ Braid SL170 Blue Fog and SL232 Maui Blue (a silk/metallic braid)
  • Rainbow Gallery Splendor S865 Dark Aqua and S930 Lite Pearl Gray (12 strand solid color silk floss)
  • ThreadworX #12 Braid 910542 (an overdyed #12 metallic braid, discontinued color, if you want a similar color I recommend 910555 Caribbean Blue or 910560 Tahiti; I’ll let you know what I choose for the stitch along)

Of course, you may use any fibers (silk, cotton, rayon, etc.) you choose, and any weight you choose. It might be possible to stitch the entire thing with cotton floss, but I’d mix in some metallics and pearl cottons to provide a change of texture.

Have fun choosing your colors, and feel free to share them with me! After all a stitch along is more fun when we know who’s stitching along!

7 thoughts on “Join me for a stitch along!”

  1. I think a stitch along would be great fun! I missed purchasing this through EGA when it was available but would still like to stitch it. Perhaps in different colors, though. While I do love the original colors, I might like to try more in the royal blue family with the silvers and grays. Suggestions?

    1. Are you wanting cottons, silks? For royal blues I like DMC 796, also available in #8 pearl cotton. For silver I like DMC 762 or 415, also available in #8 pearl cotton. It’s good to find color that will have options for pearl cotton and the other textures. You can probably keep it to just 2 flosses and 2 #8 pearls, with additional metallics – look at Kreinik 002 or 002HL for silver, 4010HL, 018, 033 or 051HL for the blues. If you can add in at least one of the ribbons, either FyreWerks, Neon Rays or Neon Rays+, or even silk ribbon. There are other ribbons and textures, but hopefully that will get you started diving into your stash or checking the local shop.

  2. Would it be possible to post a photo of the threads you used? It would be helpful to see how the colors relate to one another when choosing threads for myself. I’m looking forward to stitching this pretty design.

    1. Nancy, I had scheduled a post for Saturday showing my threads and going through the selection process, but for some reason it didn’t post. I’ve posted it now, hope it’s informative!

  3. Debbie, I am a couple of weeks behind but would like to stitch along. How do I order a pattern?

    1. Cherri, no need to order a pattern, I’m posting the instructions as I stitch, about 2 per week. The first post was about selecting threads back in March, I got sidetracked and didn’t post anything for a while, then the next post was about mounting the canvas. Starting with the past week I’m posting the stitches. There will be two more this week. So you’re not that far behind!

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