Selecting Threads

The first step for our stitch along of Revelry Reflections is to choose the threads! So I’ll go through my process with you.

I do have an extensive thread stash, and you may not have the stash I do and have to rely on shops, but the process is basically the same. I started by looking at my overdyed threads for inspiration, and decided on Caron Collection Watercolours 007 Pistachio Nut. This will be used where some of the pearl cottons are used in the original, using a single strand of the three.

Next I picked pearl cottons, in this case DMC #8 209, 959 and 842. I don’t know if I’ll use them all or any of them, but I like to have them handy if I decide to use them. This also applies to all of the threads I pulled – I may or may not use them, but they’re handy in my project bag just in case.

I selected several metalized ribbons to use. FyreWerks and Neon Rays+ are about the same weight, so to me they’re interchangeable. Shimmer floss is also about the same width and can work as well. If you don’t like the metalized look you can use 4mm silk ribbon!

Rayon ribbons were next. The brown looks a lot darker than in real life, but that’s the reflection off the shiny rayon. I’ll keep than in mind if I decide to use that color; I may not, depending on where I choose to use it and if I want something darker in that spot.

The Entice, or rayon/metallic braid, was next. Notice that I keep adding to the threads I’ve already pulled, to make sure that they will still work together.

Silk Lame’ Braid was next, a silk/metallic braid. I like to use these braids instead of straight metallics, because the shine is a bit subdued by the addition of the other fiber. Silk Lame’ Braid, Entice and Glisten, a wool metallic braid, are all about the same weight and can substitute for each other, so if you can’t find the color you want in one you may be able to find it in another fiber blend. All are made by Rainbow Gallery.

Oh yea, cotton floss! I almost forgot it, and normally would have pulled it with the #8 pearl cottons, so had to go back to that part of the stash to find colors I wanted. I may or may not use shades; the original didn’t, just silk floss, but if I want to shade things I can. I like options!

Metallics were next. I prefer Kreinik #8 braids, so that’s what I gathered. There are other metallics, not a lot, but there are other options. I’m not sure about that green, just pulled it to look at, but I think I will more than likely not use it since there are other options.

The final step was to select the canvas, and I decided to challenge myself a bit by using the eggshell with gold flecks. I don’t usually like the gold or holographic flecks in canvas because it plays tricks with my eyes, but I had a hunch it would work.

And here’s the final selection. I always do a “floss toss” on the canvas to make sure it will have the effect I want. I’ve been wrong on canvas selection before, when what I thought would work didn’t survive the floss toss. In this case it will. I like the look of the eggshell canvas, and that little extra sparkle will add to the overall project.

All of the threads are in my project bag, and I’m ready to mount the canvas! That will be the next step. Have you gathered your threads yet?

2 thoughts on “Selecting Threads”

  1. I am a beginner. I am going to do your revelry reflection pattern. Since I am a beginner I need things spelled out. The instructions do not say how many strands of threadworx metallic to use. I assumed since no number of strands are listed to use that you use it as is and since it’s metallic I thought not a good idea to pull out strands. How are you suppose to use the threadworx? (How many strands?)

    1. Lydia, congrats on trying something new! To answer your question, metallics are used as is, without reducing the number of strands. Most metallics, including the overdyed ThreadworX metallics, are available in several weights, so if you need more coverage you choose a heavier metallic, but still use it as is. Have you looked at my free online course Square 1? The first three lessons are available without registering, and I cover how to use various tools, different threads, etc. Since you’re new I encourage you to take a look!

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