Let’s add a border stitch to our On Point Wallet design

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Diagonal Long Armed Cross border

The next part of our design is a great border stitch, but it also works to separate one area from another. I liked the very dark color to visually define the areas, since this design doesn’t have a specific focal point. Or does it? I guess we’ll find out!

It’s very difficult to see, because it’s such a dark color, the way the stitch develops. Here’s a close up shot:

Diagonal Long Armed Cross close up

The diagonal long armed cross is a straight stitch over 4 canvas threads vertically, then a straight stitch crossing it over 4 canvas threads horizontally. It is necessary to compensate at the edges, and that is done first so all the stitches properly cross each other the same way.

I started at the bottom, but that didn’t work well, so then I started from the top – that was better. Some of the stitches tuck under the byzantine stitches where the two areas meet.

As you stitch this part, try not to get confused and stitch the horizontal stitches first; for this stitch, even with this very dark color, all of the stitches need to cross the same way. If you can develop a rhythm as you stitch. You’ll be done before you know it!

Here are the diagrams for today’s stitches:

The entire band of diagonal long armed cross – notice that the bottom edge extends one canvas thread below the divided diamonds

2 thoughts on “Let’s add a border stitch to our On Point Wallet design”

  1. Was listening to Fibertalk when walking this morning. Looked up your February piece and found your SAL. Not overly fond of canvas but remembered I had leftover over 18ct Flora and perle 5 threads from Shepherds bush Christmas stockings. Had a lot of fun catching up

    1. A lot of the stitches used on canvas will work on fabric – not all, but a lot. I’m pretty sure all of the stitches I’ve planned for the Stitch Along will work just fine. Glad you found something to use and that you’re trying with us!

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