Harlequin Dance Redux – Reverse Scotch Stitch with Layered Crescents

Click here for Harlequin Dance Redux Area L instructions

Well, it’s another Monday and time for another installment of our Harlequin Dance Redux stitch along. I hope you’re enjoying the project! It’s given me opportunity to revamp this little design. Some areas I’ve kept the same, but I’ve changed others. Today’s area is one I’ve changed.

Area L is back to the lower edge. I’m saving the center diagonal area for last! We did scotch stitches earlier, surrounding a large Rhodes stitch. But those scotch stitches were not reversed, and in this area the scotch stitches are reversed. It gives a little visual interest to this area.

I also used the overdyed bamboo floss, to make the area a little more colorful without having to change colors of threads. The wonder of overdyeds!

This is Area L in context, next to the lower areas across the bottom. It helps to form the left edge of the design as well, with a diagonal edge so the center area has a boundary.

After stitching the reverse scotch stitches, I added small crescents over them with 3 colors of metallic braid. I like the wavy motion created by reversing the direction of the crescents, but it took a little trick to accomplish.

I stitched all of the crescents going one way first, in a diagonal line down, then stitched all of the crescents going the other way coming back up diagonally. It isn’t possible to start a crescent in the same hole where the previous crescent ended, so I thought this would be a good way to do it.

And here’s the finished area! I’m pretty happy with the way it’s turning out.

Here are the diagrams for today:

Next week we’ll start filling the center area!

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