On Point Wallet Design – let’s start stitching

Click here for On Point Wallet Design Instructions A

On Point Wallet Design – Hungarian stitches

I began stitching in the upper left corner of the design, about 2″ from the upper left edge (top and left side). This first area is a Hungarian stitch pattern, relatively small and an easy place to begin.

I used 4 strands of floss, the next to darkest color of my accent colors in the group of 4 I’ve selected. It’s important when stitching with stranded floss to separate the strands and recombine before stitching, which I’ve explained in the instructions. Stranded floss looks best when laid flat and smooth as possible. If you need help with how to lay stitches, you can refer to my Square 1 online class, Preparing to Stitch, the video about using the tools. Click here to see how to use a laying tool

Today’s first part of the stitch along is short and easy, but next week we’ll add more.

Here are the diagrams for today’s Hungarian stitches:

This is where I began, with the loop start mentioned in the instructions shown under one of the stitches.

This is the first row, a compensated row of partial Hungarian stitches

This is the second row, showing the first row of complete Hungarian stitches under the partial stitches.

And this is the entire area of Hungarian stitches, exactly what you need to stitch for the first area.

We’ll add more next week!

2 thoughts on “On Point Wallet Design – let’s start stitching”

  1. Barbara A Swalley

    Is there a suggested thread and color list to go with the Point on Wallett SAL?
    If so, where can I find it.

    Barbara Swalley

    1. Barbara, I introduced the On Point Wallet stitch along on Jan. 4, so if you look at the blog post for Jan. 4 you’ll see the threads I’m using. All cotton floss from Presencia, there are 3 color families. I didn’t say which specific threads I’m using, but they are pictured. I encouraged those stitching along to choose their own colors based on the guidelines in the blog post. Thanks!

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