Practice, practice, practice…

is the way to become proficient in challenging stitches! We have two new classes coming up that will help you achieve skill and ease, with Mostly Jessicas and Mostly Walnetos!

Mostly Jessicas – Bold Color way

All the info is on the product pages for these classes, so today I want to explain why we’re offering these classes now.

I taught both of these classes for this year’s American Needlepoint Guild Seminar. Not every one has a chance to attend seminar in person, but still would like to have seminar level classes.

I partner with Shining Needle Society to make seminar classes available to stitchers at home.

We’re registering now for these classes, but class won’t begin until mid-January next year. Wouldn’t you love to have a new project for the new year? When it’s dreary outside, stitching with beautiful colors is always a treat.

Mostly Jessicas focuses on Jessica stitches, and Mostly Walnetos on walneto stitches. These versatile twisty stitches were developed by Jean Hilton, and sometimes prove to be challenging. These classes will help you learn to stitch with confidence and ease!

Even though we are registering for both classes, the classes are separate. We’ll have Zoom sessions for one class on Tuesdays, and the other on Thursdays.

Lots of details about both classes on the product pages:

We’re registering through November 28, but don’t let the holidays sneak up on you! Register now!

2 thoughts on “Practice, practice, practice…”

  1. Annette-Marie Capriotti

    Debbie – I’m so glad I found a way to reach you. My computer was hacked again. Now I can’t get to my e-mails and ATT & Yahoo mail will not accept my password. Even after answering the security questions correctly. Anyway, ATT thinks that I am a scammer and will not give me a new password for 30 days! Can you imagine? I am very upset. I think I have found a way to get to zoom meetings because I have zoom on my desktop and when I looked I saw Mostly Jessicas and Mostly Walnetos listed. I’ll try. Don’t try the e-mail I can’t get into it. Thanks, Annette

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